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Frequently Asked Questions

Diet & Nutrition

Are your beef snacks gluten free?

Can your beef snacks help me lose weight?

Do your beef snacks contain any of the “Big-8” potential allergens?

Do your beef snacks work with the Keto diet?

Do your beef snacks work with the Paleo diet?

Do your beef snacks really not have any added hormones or antibiotics?

How can you make such delicious beef snacks without MSG and sodium nitrites or nitrates?

How much protein is in your beef snacks?

Where can I find the ingredient statements and nutritional facts for your beef snacks?

What do you use to naturally sweeten your beef snacks?

Our Cattle

Are your cattle Grass-fed?

Are your cattle treated humanely?

Why do you only use source-verified Wyoming raised cattle?

What if your cattle get sick and need an antibiotic?

Our Beef Snacks

Where can I buy Wyoming Gourmet Beef snacks?

Why do your beef snacks taste so fresh?

What is the shelf life for Beef Bites?

What is the shelf life for Beef Sticks?

What is the shelf life for Beef Jerky?

About Us

How did Wyoming Gourmet Beef get started?

Have you always been an All Natural beef snack company? Or are you just following the new trend?

What is your definition of "All Natural"? (in words that a consumer can understand)

Why do your beef snacks cost more than your competitors?

Where exactly is the state of Wyoming and what makes it unique?


Do you offer free shipping?

How long does shipping take?

What shipping carrier do you use?

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?